About Noku Te Ao

Nau mai, tauti mai ki te ipurangi o Noku Te Ao!


Noku Te Ao started in 2002. Our roopu matua is a kapa haka group called Te Ahikaaroa based in Otautahi.
The need for an immersion Maori Childcare centre began when it was observed that the group had more pepi  than performers. We had the skills within the group to start our own centre which catered to our needs and aspirations for our tamariki. So we did.

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Tino Rangatiratanga

Our definition of Quality Early Childhood Education

At Noku Te Ao we believe we can have it all. Quality education within a quality environment, taught by kaiako who are passionate about their mahi and the tamariki they teach.

Our kaiako are the key to quality education. All our kaiako are either already qualified as Early Childhood Teachers or working towards a qualification. We believe that education is important for all, and that tertiary education broadens the mind and allows new learnings to happen. The curriculum at Noku Te Ao is constantly changing, to keep it exciting and relevant to what is happening in and around our whanau.

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Self Determination

If I am able to control those things within my realm that are reasonable and possible for me to influence, then the ultimate responsibility for my destiny, my happiness, and my lifetime rewards is mine’ -Noku Te Ao Philosophy

Self determination is an important aspect of Noku Te Ao. It is embedded in our philosophy and in our teachings. It is a value we live by. Our kaiako are aware that if they want something, then the ultimate responsibility for making this happen is theirs, no one elses.

This responsibility to self is something that is taught to all tamariki at Noku Te Ao. It is a part of what teaches them how to make this world theirs, and an important tool for their lifelong learning.

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“Noku Te Ao” – meaning “The World is Mine”

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