Welcome to Noku Te Ao

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our philosophy resides in the name “Noku Te Ao” – meaning

“The World is Mine”.
For if the world is mine, if I am the master of my universe, if I control those things
within my realm that are reasonable and possible for me to influence, then the
ultimate responsibility for my destiny, my happiness, and my life, is mine.
Another way of viewing this is as my/your/our own personal Tino Rangatiratanga.

Noku Te Ao 6 Birchgrove Gardens, Mairehau, Christchurch ©2010
Ph: 385 6570 Email: dy@nokuteao.maori.nz
Website: www.nokuteao.maori.nz

Tena koutou,

Nau mai haere mai ki tenei paetukutuku o Noku Te Ao!

Welcome to our website! If you are a parent of a tamaiti currently at Noku Te Ao please click on the register button at the top and register to use the other sections of this website. In those sections are the panui, kaupapa o te ra ( cute photos of what your tamaiti did today) and other information regarding the centre.

If you are not a parent and just passing through or you want more information regarding us – please contact us using the details provided.

Kia pai to koutou ra!